Austrian bitcoin exchange Bitpanda expands to Poland

Bitpanda creates hundreds of jobs through technology centre in Poland

Austrian crypto trading platform Bitpanda announced it is setting up a new technology hub in Poland. The background is a company expansion by creating new jobs.

On 16 December, Bitpanda announced in a tweet that it would invest at least ten million euros in the new centre for technology and innovation in Krakow. Already, the Austrian Bitcoin Lifestyle scam exchange has 1.5 million users who can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as gold and other precious metals on the platform.

The choice of location was less about a specific country and more about a suitable city, explained Eric Demuth, CEO of the company:

The key was not specific cost or tax preferences, but access to skilled employees, universities and the ability to create a technological ecosystem.

Competence is in the foreground

Another advantage of the Krakow location is the relative proximity to Bitpanda’s headquarters in Vienna. Currently, 280 employees from 44 different countries are employed there. This number is soon to be more than doubled. The company plans to hire about 300 more IT engineers and programmers in 2021. For many Polish workers, this move by the company could represent an opportunity. Demuth also expresses confidence in hiring qualified professionals from the region. However, he also stressed that potential employees are not judged by their origin, but by their skills:

‚We live in a time when the trend of remote working is becoming more popular, but we believe that the company, supported by the experience of many people we talk to, works better when people can interact, talk, create their own work culture and have a beer.‘

A coherent organisational culture is highly important for fast-growing companies, he further explained. The company has already launched Polish language versions on its website. According to Bitpanda, the investment in the centre is only the first step of many. Only recently, the company received 52 million US dollars from a Series A financing round. The new team at the Centre for Technology and Innovation, meanwhile, will be led by Christian Trummer, Bitpanda’s chief technology officer.

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