India: Amazon’s Blockchain to be used to boost various sectors

The technology company, Tech Mahindra, plans to create a network of supplements for multiple sectors. In this sense, the Indian firm will use Amazon’s Blockchain to provide solutions in branches such as aviation, health and telecommunications.

According to local media reports, the company has proposed to use the Amazon Managed Blockchain platform. This, in order to provide its services worldwide. In this sense, they explained, the project would start in about a year.

The Indian company, as said, will provide solutions with the Amazon Blockchain to the telecommunications, aviation and health sectors. In parallel, it will offer services in a wide range of additional sectors.

Indian firm expands with the Amazon Blockchain

Apart from the mentioned sectors, Tech Mahindra, extends its range. Now, they are involved in a variety of sectors including banking and financial services, retail, oil and gas.

According to them, the main goal of this Indian firm is, through the use of Amazon’s The News Spy, to improve these services. To this end, they focus on the use of the Blockchain.

Some of the important advances that will allow the services provided by this industry, are to track counterfeit products. For example, in the area of health, it is now possible to determine fraudulent merchandise such as masks, medicines or protective equipment.

The Indian firm Tech Mahindra, in a period of 12 to 18 months, will provide services in multiple areas with the use of the Amazon Blockchain. Source: The Financial Express

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